"Smiling, regardless of its cause, is always a small victory." ~ Ariana A. Robinson


Stars and Their Universal Symphony

Despite being unable to listen to it with our ears, the stars in the sky keep a melodious and constant concert. Large stellar bodies emit low and deep sounds, similar to those produced by terrestrial tubas and double basses. While small stars take pride in their high pitched voices, which resonate like heavenly flutes. But… Continue reading Stars and Their Universal Symphony


Placing Stones on Tombs, A Jewish Tradition

I still remember the funeral of my grandmother Léa (aleha ha-shalom). It was a particularly rainy day, similar to the disposition of those present. Naturally, I cried a lot, being unable to find comfort in the words of my parents or those of the rabbi. But I still tried to move on with the event,… Continue reading Placing Stones on Tombs, A Jewish Tradition


On Numbers: A Complex Existence

We all know what numbers are. In fact, we are so sure of this knowledge that we can easily point our fingers at anything that contains them and say, "This is a number." But is it really? If we think about it a bit, when visualising a number, what we observe is actually numerals. That… Continue reading On Numbers: A Complex Existence


A Childish Trait

"What we normally call 'childish' is merely an unbridled amount of enthusiasm for learning. A trait children possess before their intelligence is abused, neglected and lessened by bad teachers, incorrect textbooks, society’s norms and the modern world’s penchant for quick results." ~ Ariana A. Robinson


Ode to Winter’s Cold

This winter has overstayed its visit.My soul freezes at the thought that I have run out of spring.My heart is clouded with the heaviness of a thousand ice sheets, and my mind is lost thinking of a forsaken warmth.Ah, even the air kills me inside, because breathing makes me lose the essence.Esence that once had… Continue reading Ode to Winter’s Cold


On Speciesism: A Personal Response

The opinion that we, as human beings, should consider ourselves superior to other living beings has always appalled me. In addition to being a notion that gives us a false sense of authority over other species, it makes us believe in an exceptionalism that lacks consideration of the effect our actions have on the planet.… Continue reading On Speciesism: A Personal Response


Like a Block in a Puzzle

Society is a 2D puzzle: basic and made-up of pieces that, as a rule, always fall in the same place. You are a 3D Lego block: versatile and capable of creating all sorts of things. And that's why you can't fit in, given that society hasn't evolved to your level just yet. However, until it… Continue reading Like a Block in a Puzzle


Reflections of a Nonconformist

Whenever I look back at my past and think about how the things I used to do then made me feel and the state in which I am at now, I can't help but wonder: what the hell happened?I mean, before I used to have a pretty comfortable existence. I had an affluent lifestyle, a… Continue reading Reflections of a Nonconformist