Mind on Clouds

"My mind on the clouds and you in between my arms." ~ Ariana A. Robinson


Star Tales

Part II - The Neutron Star Found in the impressive constellation of Corona Australis alongside six other stellar bodies of great magnificence [1] lies the heroine of this story. Presently, she is the collapsed nucleus of a star, which means that she is a VERY small stellar body as well as a VERY dense one.… Continue reading Star Tales


An Ode to Earth

"Our lovely blue planet, the Earth, is the only home we know. Venus is too hot. Mars is too cold. But the Earth is just right, a heaven for humans." ~ Carl Sagan Famous astronomer Carl Sagan has always held my utmost respect and admiration. From his beautiful way of explaining even the most intricate… Continue reading An Ode to Earth


On Georgian: A Linguistic Indulgence

I hold many memories of my days at the Linguistics Faculty of my old college. Some of these are joyous, given my inherent fondness for languages, whereas a couple others are a bit more... egregious. Mainly because the workload was unusually heavy for such an “apparently easy” degree. But, in addition to that, I must… Continue reading On Georgian: A Linguistic Indulgence


Simple or Complex: A Universal Approach

To put it simply, complexity is a wonderful thing. Not only because it involves diversity, but also because it is indispensable. Don’t believe me? Well, just look your surroundings. Everything you see overflows in details that serve as a testament to this quality. After all, it is thanks to complex factors that we can account… Continue reading Simple or Complex: A Universal Approach


The Physics of the Present

What happens when you see something? Say, for the sake of argument, this sentence you are now reading. Dismissing the whole business of how the brain processes visual stimuli, let’s set our focus on the travel time of the information you receive. And to simplify matters even further, let's also ignore how atoms absorb and… Continue reading The Physics of the Present


I See Fairies

It happened while I was lying on the red wooden bench in our garden. My day had been particularly overwhelming due to a cold. Mark went to work, promising to return early to take care of me. But I’m afraid that those words were not enough to appease the restlessness of my spirit. So, looking… Continue reading I See Fairies


Dialogues with Baba

Part III - The College Student I "Hello?" "Ariana! It's so nice to listen to you again!" "Oh, dad... Hey!" "Haha, how are you child?" "I'm doing good. A bit surprised, as well. I wasn't expecting your call at all." "Ah... Yes. I know I haven't called much, but I definitely had it on my… Continue reading Dialogues with Baba


The Two Popes: A Review

On the 13th of March, 2013 at 18:06 UTC, white smoke and the sounding of the bells of St. Peter's Basilica were the purveyors of good news in Rome. The enlivened crowds rejoiced as the words "Habemus Papam" ("We have a pope") echoed through the city. Anxiously had they waited for this moment ever since… Continue reading The Two Popes: A Review



He had come home widely exhausted, frowning and with his eyes closed. He slammed into the room, not offering a good afternoon and undressing hastily. I was lying in bed reading. Following his every move with my eyes over my glasses. Clumsily he got ready to join me at rest. And once he had, he… Continue reading Him


Too Little for too Much

It's not enough to say that time with you becomes a happy movie. It's not enough to say that in every one of your kisses peace is to be found. It's not enough to say that you're the beacon of light that guides my cloudy judgement. It's not enough to say that with you even… Continue reading Too Little for too Much