Sunset Kissing

"Just me, you, and the prospect of kissing until sunset. Think about it." ~ Ariana A. Robinson


On Speciesism: A Personal Response

The opinion that we, as human beings, should consider ourselves superior to other living beings has always appalled me. In addition to being a notion that gives us a false sense of authority over other species, it makes us believe in an exceptionalism that lacks consideration of the effect our actions have on the planet.… Continue reading On Speciesism: A Personal Response


Like a Block in a Puzzle

Society is a 2D puzzle: basic and made-up of pieces that, as a rule, always fall in the same place. You are a 3D Lego block: versatile and capable of creating all sorts of things. And that's why you can't fit in, given that society hasn't evolved to your level just yet. However, until it… Continue reading Like a Block in a Puzzle


Reflections of a Nonconformist

Whenever I look back at my past and think about how the things I used to do then made me feel and the state in which I am at now, I can't help but wonder: what the hell happened?I mean, before I used to have a pretty comfortable existence. I had an affluent lifestyle, a… Continue reading Reflections of a Nonconformist


Time: A Question of Infinite Speculation

Time, as a philosophical concept, deals with thought (or the measure of how far back we can remember things). In a universe full of things, we perceive changes, and through them, time. For all we know, things have changed, have been changing and will change regardless of ourselves, which makes it necessary for there to… Continue reading Time: A Question of Infinite Speculation


People Like Love

Some people are a dream. The kind that makes anyone wish they could sleep forever. But soon these dreams are overcome by reality and its forceful plunder, violently awaking us to all of life's hubbub. Other people are stars. Sweet lights that adorn and illuminate the darkness in our lives. But soon these stars are… Continue reading People Like Love


On Dark Matter: Can We Eat It?

Spoiler alert: we can’t. 😦 I don't know what kind of thoughts must cross through the mind of an individual who bothers pondering upon these questions, but since I like to take pride in my lack of judgement towards people and their mental processes, I will offer my opinion (as a "serious physicist") on the… Continue reading On Dark Matter: Can We Eat It?


On Ignorance: The Fallacy in Our Arguments

As a lover of philosophy, one of my favourite things to engage in are rhetorical debates. Not only are these insightful, but they also provide me with different perspectives when it comes to looking at the world at large. As per usual though, with every positive there comes a negative, and such discussions are no… Continue reading On Ignorance: The Fallacy in Our Arguments


Star Tales

Part II - The Neutron Star Found in the impressive constellation of Corona Australis alongside six other stellar bodies of great magnificence [1] lies the heroine of this story. Presently, she is the collapsed nucleus of a star, which means that she is a VERY small stellar body as well as a VERY dense one.… Continue reading Star Tales


An Ode to Earth

"Our lovely blue planet, the Earth, is the only home we know. Venus is too hot. Mars is too cold. But the Earth is just right, a heaven for humans." ~ Carl Sagan Famous astronomer Carl Sagan has always held my utmost respect and admiration. From his beautiful way of explaining even the most intricate… Continue reading An Ode to Earth