Here You Are

"And here you are. Made out of dreams and experiences and love and resilience. With every bit of you speaking the grandeur of what it's like to be human." ~ Ariana A. Robinson


On Speciesism: A Personal Response

The opinion that we, as human beings, should consider ourselves superior to other living beings has always appalled me. In addition to being a notion that gives us a false sense of authority over other species, it makes us believe in an exceptionalism that lacks consideration of the effect our actions have on the planet.… Continue reading On Speciesism: A Personal Response


Everything: A Story

Come. Yes, you. Come. Take my hand. Come on. Just take my hand. Easy, right? Now, together we shall embark on a journey. Ah, but don't look at me with that face! Yes, I know you have responsibilities, a family, a job... yes, I already know that. But I'd like to steal just a couple… Continue reading Everything: A Story