Dull Life

"How dull must it be to live a life unwilling to read." ~ Ariana A. Robinson


Reflections of a Nonconformist

Whenever I look back at my past and think about how the things I used to do then made me feel and the state in which I am at now, I can't help but wonder: what the hell happened?I mean, before I used to have a pretty comfortable existence. I had an affluent lifestyle, a… Continue reading Reflections of a Nonconformist


Lessons from a Mayfly

This is a mayfly: Photograph of a greenish mayfly. an aquatic insect belonging to the order Ephemeroptera. It usually hatches from spring to autumn in large numbers, and it is noted for two things: its fully winged terrestrial pre-adult stage (the subimago) which moults into a sexually mature adult (the imago), and its really short lifespan. For… Continue reading Lessons from a Mayfly