A Heart

"A lonely heart can thrive, but an accompanied one succeeds." ~ Ariana A. Robinson


Only You

"You are everything I asked for. What my lonely mind longed to experience and what my empty soul needed to feel. You are what I was waiting for. What only in dreams could be imagined and that in you I discovered to be true. You have come to lighten up every part of my life… Continue reading Only You


A Childish Trait

"What we normally call 'childish' is merely an unbridled amount of enthusiasm for learning. A trait children possess before their intelligence is abused, neglected and lessened by bad teachers, incorrect textbooks, society’s norms and the modern world’s penchant for quick results." ~ Ariana A. Robinson


Like a Block in a Puzzle

Society is a 2D puzzle: basic and made-up of pieces that, as a rule, always fall in the same place. You are a 3D Lego block: versatile and capable of creating all sorts of things. And that's why you can't fit in, given that society hasn't evolved to your level just yet. However, until it… Continue reading Like a Block in a Puzzle